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Her Story

Who is THAT Girl?

There you are on a Tuesday night watching your favorite Big Bang reruns when a Dannon yogurt commercial pops up on the TV. Or maybe it's that Bored Panda video on Facebook about Chicken photographers. Or even that Homegoods spot that made you redecorate your entire living room last month.

Whose voice is that? I KNOW that girl!

She’s Alissa Zea, that’s who. She’s THAT girl.

And you love to hear that girl’s voice.


She’s that girl who recorded thousands of voiceovers in the last 15 years.
She’s that girl whom everyone knows is a pro.
She’s that girl everyone relies on because she has her own home studio and always produces high quality, on time work… last minute if necessary.


She’s that girl. The girl you want for your next project.

And that girl… is Alissa Zea.

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